2019 will be a year of balancing and an important test for the sustainability of the residential market in Bulgaria. The economic growth will be slower and it will not be as strong factor for the demand as it has been in the recent years of growth. The expert reports indicate a decline in the newly released mortgage lending and despite that the expectations for gradually rising interest rates in 2019 didn’t meet the expectations, the more stringent conditions in bank lending may reinforce this trend. In addition, the high investment activity in the residential segment will lead to a balancing in the supply/demand ratio. Аnd in order for a favorable housing environment to be achieved, given the context of intensified urbanization process in Sofia and the major cities, an ever-greater synergy between urban leaders and private investors will be required.

These will be, at a glance, the fundamentals that will define the environment in the coming years. The answer to the challenges are well-planned residential projects - those that contribute to the successful development of residential areas as an essential part of urban structure; those that are developed with responsibility towards the environment, taking into account and contributing to the plans for transport and social infrastructure development; those that use a modern design approach so that they are technological, functional and efficient, and last but not least - those that are responsive to the dynamically changing needs of modern residential occupiers.

Residential Forum 2019, organized by the CITY Media Group as part of the Building Innovation Forum series 2019, provides a professional public platform focused on current models for development of successful housing areas and residential projects.


✓ The residential areas and the city
- the General Development Plans as a tool for urban development management - current stages and forthcoming steps
- creating a better residential environment by achieving synergies between urban strategies and investment projects
- current status and opportunities for future development of social infrastructure in residential areas - successful models and best practices

✓ Trends in residential architecture development
- market environment 2019: demand, supply, prices, and financing - what lies ahead in 2019 for the residential market?
- the large-scale residential projects as an important factor for the development of the area in which they are located
- residential market evolution and segmentation - niches and innovative concepts or how to provide a better, healthier and sustainable residential environment
- the modern residents and their lifestyle as basis for the residential projects planning

✓ Residential architecture and building technologies - projects and realization 2019
- multifamily residential in urban environments: How the needs and lifestyle of the new generation of residents alter the look and functional distribution of residential buildings?
- residential complexes: a quality master plan as fundamental factor for creating a good living environment
- individuality, design and construction challenges: trends in design and realisation of single-family houses
- technological development and residential buildings - how to improve the efficiency, safety and functionality of the building by integrating intelligent building solutions and systems

✓ real estate investment and development companies
✓ urban leaders
✓ urban planners
✓ real estate consultants and brokers
✓ architects
✓ engineers
✓ construction companies
✓ representatives of building solutions and tech companies


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